A Career in Financial Services

Financial services

Whether it’s helping people get loans for their mortgage, saving them from losing money on their investments or protecting their property through insurance, the financial services industry is essential to individuals and businesses across the globe. The healthy sector of the economy allows people to buy homes, cars and education with credit; helps them save for retirement or other goals; provides protection against illness or loss of income and property; and keeps millions of companies and their employees in jobs with good pay.

With new tools being introduced to the industry seemingly every day, a career in financial services offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow your skillset. Additionally, many financial firms are known for promoting from within and rewarding aptitude over tenure, meaning there’s plenty of room to climb up the ladder quickly.

Banks, brokers, credit unions and mortgage lenders are all considered part of the financial services industry. However, it’s important to note that the industry includes more than just these sectors. It also includes companies that offer debt and equity capital, manage investment funds, provide risk management services and more.

The financial services industry is integral to NYC, the nation and the world. With a job in this sector, you’ll be making a difference to people and organizations across the globe every single day. That’s why a career in finance is so worthwhile.

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