Home Improvement Shows Boost Home Value, But Not All Home Improvements Are Created Equal

Home improvement shows are a staple of television and it’s easy to see why. They offer tips and advice for upgrading homes at a fraction of the cost of hiring contractors. And, of course, a well-done project can increase the value of your home, making it more marketable when you decide to sell.

But it’s important to remember that not all home improvements are created equal. In fact, some can actually decrease resale value.

That’s why you should always talk to a real estate pro before taking on any major projects. And, be sure to update your home insurance policy when you make any renovations. That way, if you accidentally damage gas pipes or scratch your floors during the project, your home insurance will cover it.

There are a number of factors driving the rise in home improvement spending, including rock-bottom interest rates and higher housing prices that allow homeowners to borrow against their equity. But, perhaps the biggest driver is the aging of the population. “Most people in the ‘baby boomer’ generation are now at the age when they want to remodel and improve their homes,” says Tomalak.

Some of the surging categories, however, have little to do with improving a home’s interior. Deck construction and fence construction are both up more than threefold, while landscaping is up 238%. These may seem like minor fixes, but they add up.

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