How to Write Good News


News is information about current events, situations and issues. It keeps people informed about what is happening in their local communities, countries and internationally. It also helps them understand complex topics like politics, science, economics and culture.

It is important to have a variety of sources for your news. This can help you avoid getting skewed or biased information. Some examples of good news sources are newspapers, TV and radio. You can also find out what is happening in other cultures by watching foreign television or listening to international radio.

Most of the time, a story will be interesting or exciting enough to make the news if it includes drama, has a clear good and bad side, or is about something that could have a big impact on many people. For example, a store robbery or the death of a celebrity will likely make the news.

The most interesting or exciting stories get the most coverage and will appear first in bulletins, on Page One of a newspaper and in more detail. Less important news will be given less attention and might appear later in the bulletin or on the inside pages of the paper.

When writing a news article, remember that it is not the writer’s place to put their opinions into the story. It is better to let the subjects of the story speak for themselves by interviewing them or using quotes from public statements. This will allow the reader to form their own opinion about the news without the influence of the writer’s biases or political leanings.

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