How to Write News for English Language Learners


News is the information that people get about current events. It can be from newspapers, radios, TV, or the Internet. It usually includes some type of time-line or summary to show how the event happened and what the outcome was. It can also include quotes from various people involved or affected by the event, such as politicians, officials, or citizens.

To write an effective news article, it is important to know who you are writing for. This is especially true for the Internet, where a lot of different people may read your article. For example, if you maintain a website about Kansas City, then your audience is going to be primarily people from that area. If you are reporting about zoning laws in a commercial area, then your audience might be real estate agents or business owners.

It is important to find out what people want to hear about and what topics are of interest to them. This will help you to decide what kind of news to write about.

The news has to be new, unusual, interesting, significant, and about people. It also needs to be of a certain magnitude. For example, a local fire would not be as big a story as a coup d’etat in the country next door.

A good place to start looking for ideas is The News in Levels and E-News. These websites have a range of news articles for English learners, from beginner to advanced levels. They highlight any difficult vocabulary and provide a video option to practise listening skills while reading. There are also other fun sources of news directed at language learners, such as the BBC’s Lingohack.

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