How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is the information that presents current events, obtained from every moment and everywhere, to the public. It has to be objective and fast, in accordance with ethical rules. It’s also about the way that it is presented: it is not enough just to inform; it must be entertaining as well.

As with all writing, it is important to research your topic before you write a news article. You should have a good grasp on all of the key aspects and details that you are writing about, and know who you are writing for. Asking yourself the ā€œ5 Wā€™sā€ (who, where, what, why and when) will help you format your article to get the most information out in as little space as possible while still seizing the attention of your audience.

There are certain things that always make a story newsworthy:

Controversy: People love to read about arguments, charges and counter-charges, and fights. Prominence: People like to read about famous persons and their lives, accomplishments, failures and successes. Currency: Events that are happening in real time are newsworthy, and they become more interesting as they happen. Oddity: Unusual and extraordinary events often make the news because they are not a part of our everyday lives.

A good news article is short and concise. Long, winding sentences and tangents can cause the reader to lose interest quickly. It is also important to be factual and avoid using opinions or statements that you cannot back up with evidence.

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