The Benefits of Team Sport

Team sport is the term used to describe activities that involve teams of people playing a game. These include basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, football and track and field events that feature relays.

The Benefits of Team sport

Team sports are an excellent opportunity to learn leadership and perseverance qualities, as well as interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence. Behavioral research shows that team sports can teach these skills in a way that cannot be learned through classroom or other individualized experiences.

Moreover, team sport participation has been shown to positively influence many aspects of adolescent development, including physical fitness, cardiovascular fitness and body fat percentage, psychosocial competence and social support. A recent study found that adolescents who participate in organized sports are less likely to have mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, compared to those who do not.


In team sport, players feel a sense of challenge. This motivates them to work hard, stay committed and play with confidence knowing that they have a chance to win.

Playing Time Notecards:

This is a fun exercise that will get your team thinking about playing time and how much they want to start or stop during the season. Give each team a set of index cards and ask them to anonymously write down how many minutes per game they think they should be on the field, how much they should start and how many points they should score during the season.

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