The Content of News


A news story is a report of recent events. It must be interesting, significant, brief, and unique. The story must be about people or something that is happening in the world.

The content of the news can vary between societies. This can affect the value of the news in a society. News values can also be contested due to subjective influences. These can include cultural or educational influences.

Generally, the content of news is determined by journalists. Journalists determine what facts to emphasize and how to focus a story. However, audiences influence how news is selected.

The most significant news is given on the first page of the paper. However, the biggest news isn’t always the best. For example, a coup d’etat in a small country may not be worth many paragraphs.

Weather is also an important part of news. Unusual weather conditions such as blizzards, high temperatures, and low rainfall can affect people’s lives. In addition, crop harvest sizes can cause price changes.

Money is also an important topic for news. Stories about economic crises and compensation claims are often money stories. Other examples are school fees, wage rises, and food prices.

People also take interest in confrontations between groups. They may also take interest in the lives of famous people. When a prominent person is arrested, convicted, or loses money, that is also news.

Feature articles are often more creative than news articles. Rather than reporting on recent events, feature articles often contain profiles of actors, evaluations of the media, and other background information.

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