The Difference Between Technology and Science


Technology is the applied use of scientific knowledge for practical aims and is often defined as the use of tools and processes to achieve goals. It is not synonymous with engineering, which focuses on the purposeful design of materials and systems to exploit natural phenomena for human purposes. Engineering is goal-oriented, using scientific, mathematical and linguistic knowledge to achieve a specific outcome.

In contrast, science is the reasoned investigation of phenomena and seeks to discover enduring principles by applying formal methods. While the difference between science and technology is sometimes blurred, the distinction between the two can be useful. Historically, there have been many critiques of technology, such as in dystopian literature like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. More recently, the Unabomber’s bombing campaign has been viewed as an anti-technology manifesto.

Modern technology has changed what we call media by providing us with a number of platforms to access information, including social media and websites. These platforms provide quick and easy ways to communicate with our friends and family across the globe, which can make it easier to stay connected.

As teachers, we are often tasked with adopting and integrating technology into our classrooms, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming or time-consuming. A great way to incorporate technology into your classroom is to offer your students a variety of activities and platforms so they aren’t bored with the same thing week after week. Also, make sure to give your students feedback on their work so they can improve their next assignments.

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