The Importance of Relationships


Whether you’re dating, in a committed partnership or happily married, relationships are an integral part of our lives. They give us someone to celebrate the little and big successes with, a partner to share our dreams with, and a reason to get up in the morning.

Relationships can be romantic, platonic, familial or professional. They’re often complicated and can include varying degrees of commitment, trust and intimacy. They can also be difficult, especially if we’re not on the same page about what our expectations are for each other.

In a relationship, we’re expected to support our partner through the highs and lows. This is what creates true love and commitment. Having a positive, supportive relationship helps us to be more confident and self-assured. It also allows us to take more risks and pursue our goals because we know they’ll be there for us no matter what.

A healthy relationship requires mutual respect, honesty and empathy. It’s also important to be dependable and follow through on your promises. It’s important to set aside time to talk and be together without distractions. It’s recommended to initiate this conversation in person rather than via text or phone call.

Physical intimacy is also an essential element of a relationship. For some, this may mean sex, but for others it could be kissing, cuddling or just being close to one another. Regardless of what it means for you, make sure your partner knows that they’re important to you and makes your heart beat faster when they are near.

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