The Lifelong Benefits of a Team Sport

Team sport

Millions of people around the world play team sports, and for many, it’s more than just a fun way to stay physically fit. It’s a lifelong lesson that can have positive effects on their health, mind and future. Whether it’s soccer, football, basketball or baseball, every team sport requires effective collaboration and coordination with other players. That’s what makes them team sports in the first place, after all. Despite the existence of celebrity baseball and football players, it’s clear that any kind of winning in these sports boils down to the combined efforts of the whole team.

Working with teammates teaches children how to collaborate on something that they cannot do alone, and it also teaches them the value of being selfless when necessary. It’s these lessons that will carry them far beyond their sports careers and into their professional lives.

Communication is another valuable lesson that is learned through team sports, as well. Even if it’s just the occasional “hi, what’s up?” from their coaches, or trying to communicate with fellow teammates during practice, they learn to effectively share information. They also learn when to be quiet and listen, as well as when it’s appropriate to voice their opinion or ideas.

Lastly, team sports are often highly time-intensive, meaning they teach kids how to manage their own schedules and prioritize their tasks. For example, if your child knows that they have a game that evening and that it will be difficult to play if their homework isn’t completed beforehand, they quickly learn to be disciplined and set goals for themselves.

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