What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the way that people dress. It can include clothes, shoes and even hairstyles. It is often influenced by culture and current events. People may also follow the fashion of their favorite celebrity or model. Fashion is all around us; it is in the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the ads we see on TV and billboards.

Clothes have always been used as a form of expression. Stars of pop culture use their clothing to stay relevant in the public eye and people often try to imitate them. People use fashion to express their personality, likes or dislikes and can even be a way of fitting in with a certain group. Judges wear robes, soldiers wear uniforms and brides often wear long white dresses. Fashion can also be a socially accepted norm, like wearing a baseball cap when it is raining or dressing up for Halloween.

In order for something to be considered a fashion, there needs to be a large number of people who adopt it and make it popular. This can be done by word of mouth, through magazines or even on the internet. Fashion trends can be hard to trace; it is not always clear how a short skirt made its way from England to the runways in Paris or how jeans went from being worn by blue-collar workers to being worn by celebrities.

Some people have an obsession with fashion and will spend a lot of money trying to keep up with the latest trends. Others just enjoy a change in style from time to time.

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