What is Fashion?


Fashion means the way people dress. It is a cultural expression that may be expressed in an understated whisper, a high-energy scream or a knowing wink and smile. It is a language that connects us all, and the way we talk about it shapes who we are.

The term fashion is derived from the French word, la mode, which means “the way we dress.” The fashion of a country or region can be defined by the style of clothing produced by local designers and worn by people who live in that place. In the modern era, fashion has become more widespread as a result of industrialization and the development of ready-to-wear clothes. It is also a cultural movement that is influenced by the ideas and beliefs of an age.

For example, the miniskirt of the 1960s was inspired by youth culture and the Women’s Liberation Movement fighting for equality. Men’s fashions change more slowly than women’s, but they still follow the trends of the time. In the 1980s, designer Giorgio Armani designed fashion-forward suits for men.

Some of the world’s major fashion centers are Paris for haute couture, London for its mix of creativity linked to fashion and conservatism, New York for its accessibility, and Milan for its long tradition of leather goods. However, most people follow trends that are close to the ground: what a celebrity wears, what’s shown on television sitcoms (think the bare mid-riffs of 90210 and baggy jeans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), or what’s being written in books and music.

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