What Makes News


News is current information about events and developments that occur in a society or culture. It may be communicated through word of mouth, writing and printing systems, postal services, broadcasting and electronic communication.

What makes news varies from one society to another. In a society where people are very interested in money and what others have, it is newsworthy when they acquire wealth or lose it, or when they invest it in ways which pay off.

In societies where food is important, it is newsworthy when a farmer’s crops are affected by diseases or weather conditions and when they are able to make money from the sale of their produce. In many societies, it is also newsworthy to make a fortune in gambling or the stock market.

Most societies are also interested in their history and in how other countries live. This can be seen in the news by stories about archeological finds or the visits of famous people. Many societies are also interested in sex. This is the subject of many news stories because it reflects people’s values and attitudes.

Many news media, such as newspapers, radio and television, try to be both entertaining and informative. This can be seen in music and drama programmes on the radio or crosswords and cartoons in the newspapers. Often the most interesting or important news story is placed above the fold in a newspaper, so that it will be read as soon as it is available.

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