What Makes Newsworthy?


News is information that relates to events in the world, or in areas of culture that would be of interest to people. It may include wars, government policies and procedures, education, health, the economy, fashion, sports or entertainment. It also includes information that could help a person in some way – like weather forecasts or train timings.

Historically, the news has been supplied by trained journalists and other employees of a newspaper or a TV/radio station. These people were considered the major suppliers and gatekeepers of the news. They sifted through recommendations from reporters and others, and decided what would be included in the newspapers, on the TV news, or posted on the news Internet. These individuals are sometimes called editors, news directors or even news managers.

What makes a story newsworthy is based on a variety of factors, including timeliness (how recent it is), drama, consequence, proximity, and narrative. Generally speaking, news stories have a good mix of all of these elements. For example, a story about a convenience store robbery would have the good and bad guys clearly identified. It would have a sense of dramatic urgency, and there is a clear cause and effect.

Other factors that make a story newsworthy can be the personality of an individual involved, or the prominence of a group or organization. Controversy is also a big draw, and it makes for interesting news. People also love to empathise, and a story that makes them feel for the characters involved is often quite newsworthy.

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